Our Story

Our Mission

Where We Thrive’s mission is to rebuild, restore, mentor, and develop community resources to improve the lives of our citizens living in poverty with emphasis on at-risk youth and the elderly.

We work to empower the youth of our community by facilitating direct mentorship programs, providing access to technology, and supporting career and higher education goals.

We strive to support community elders through meal and wellness programs, as well as assistance with minor home repairs and maintenance.

Founder Margaret Carter, a life-long Lockhart resident, stands in front of the Carver High School Building. WWT is working with local community leaders to restore the historic building for use as a community center.

Our Future

We are dedicated to collaborating with local community leaders to restore and develop the Carver High School building into a community center giving neighbors access to resources and educational opportunities.

Carver High School was built in 1923 with funds from local Black American citizens and the Rosenwald Foundation of Chicago, which supported the construction of more than 5,000 schools for Black American children, mostly in the South. In addition to six classrooms, the school also provided the community with an auditorium that served as a center of social life in the neighborhood. The school was shuttered in 1964 due to integration.

The building is a reminder of Lockhart’s past and the community that came together to construct the school, to gather inside it and to thrive around it. As we work to restore the building, we also work to support a community that values our history and builds toward a better future.